Keith Floyd answers media claims about him relating to alcohol, money and rumours that he is leaving Ireland.

Keith Floyd sets the record straight about money, marriage, mad cows and the rumours about him selling up and leaving Ireland. The English celebrity chef spends much of his time in Kinsale in County Cork. No stranger to the media, he is back in the tabloids again over the failure of his business and his debts.

A man known for not mincing his words is internationally renowned and flamboyant chef Keith Floyd.

He describes the stories about him leaving Ireland as "absolute nonsense" and plans to make Ireland his permanent home this year. He debunks any myths that the Irish are not obsessed by celebrity describing how many Irish people spend twenty five minutes telling you that they won't bother you.

Despite his wild reputation, Keith Floyd likes to lead a very quiet life. Contrary to public belief, he is not always drinking wine. This impression of him comes from his television shows which he describes as "dinner parties".

Keith Floyd opened his own restaurant in Devon 'Floyd’s Inn’. However, with very little business during winter months the restaurant closed leaving him with debts of up to half a million pounds. He says that he puts his heart and soul into the restaurant and regrets that it failed. This business failure was not alone one in three pubs in the area closed in the last five years but he points out you do not hear about them in the newspapers. The sale of the restaurant went towards paying his debts.

His wife Tess says that the man she knows is very different to the man represented in the media. As his fourth wife, Tess defends Keith’s reputation as a womaniser.

On the subject of food, Keith Floyd explains that he grew up in a rural working class environment which has influenced the food he likes to eat to this day.

This episode of ‘Nationwide’ was broadcast on 17 April 1996. The reporter is Flor McCarthy. The presenter is Michael Ryan.