Irish horses banned from America over fear of spreading equine venereal disease.

A new strain of equine venereal disease was first identified at the English National Stud in Newmarket a few months ago and one outbreak has been reported in Ireland. The American ban also extends to British and French horses.

The decision to prohibit Irish horses was made by the US Federal Department of Agriculture and there are now fears over the impact it will have on the bloodstock export industry.

Irish horse trader Adrian Maxwell says that the ban will put him completely out of business.

I'm out of business.

Adrian Maxwell says that the ban makes no sense at this stage as the disease has been cleared up.

Racehorse also have their opinions on the issue. Paddy McGrath says that the Americans have to protect their own horses. He is hopeful that the ban is temporary. Major De Burgh believes that the ban is totally unjustified. Paddy Prendergast says that there is no guarantee that the ban will only last sixty days and believes it will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on trade.

An RTÉ News reports broadcast on 10 September 1977. The reporter is Michael Walsh.