Another section of a new light rail system for Dublin nears completion, with work on the Dundrum Luas bridge.

The Harcourt Street Railway Line that served the southern suburbs of Dublin for over one hundred years ceased operation in 1958. The development of the capital's light rail system, Luas, has however given this stretch of the old line a new lease of life.

Work began last October on the new bridge which will carry trams over one of Dublin’s busiest junctions. A cable-stayed bridge consisting of reinforced concrete slabs, its pylon will be forty eight metres in height when complete. Luas engineer Brian Bromwich, explains the design was chosen to suit the area’s terrain,

Very good foundation for a bridge here...Wicklow granite.

The community in Dundrum have followed the bridge’s progress with interest, and many turned out last night to see the last section of concrete hoisted into place. Local man Eddie Mulligan declares it to be,

The most impressive piece of engineering that I have ever seen.

Luas believe that this section of the tram network will be fully operational by the end of 2003.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 August 2002. The reporter is Peter Leonard.