Sadness and tears as the last train leaves Harcourt Street Railway Station Dublin.

After almost one hundred years in operation the Harcourt Street railway line in Dublin closed on 31 December 1958. The service ran from Harcourt Street to Bray and Greystones and will be replaced by a bus service on Route 86. PP O'Reilly reports on the last train and speaks to the train driver and passengers.

Driver of the last train to Bray Ned Wheeler is sad to see an end to the service on the route which he has travelled for thirty four years.  

Mr R E Roberts was a regular passenger on the line over the years and is sad to see the service go. He has made the journey to Harcourt Street to see the last train leave the station.

Mrs Martin McLoughlin is in tears as the final train leaves the station. She was a newspaper seller at the Harcourt Street Station for twenty nine years and for her it is the end of an era.

This episode of 'Dublin Newsreel' was broadcast on 5 January 1959. 

The accompanying photograph shows Harcourt Street Train Station and is taken from the Nevill Johnson Collection.