President Éamon de Valera attends a 1916 commemoration ceremony at Newman University Church, Saint Stephen's Green.

President de Valera accompanied by his aide de camp Colonel Seán Brennan was at the annual Mass for the deceased officers and men of Boland's Mills Garrison in University Church on 29 April 1962, the same day the Easter Rising ended in 1916.

After Mass the President inspects a guard of honour composing of veterans from the Third Battalion of Boland's Mill with Andrew McDonnell, former Officer in Command. Among those who present were Peter Coates, Michael Fleming, Patrick Reid, Patrick McDowell, Michael Merriman, William Woodcock, Willie McCabe, Seamus Murray and Seán Ó Floinn (John Flynn).

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 May 1972. The footage shown here has natural sound only.