Clonmel Master farrier Ted Channon has passed his skills on to the next generation of his family.

Ted Channon's forge in Clonmel in County Tipperary is where horses are brought to be shod with shoes that are made right here in Anglesea Street.

Worldwide only a very small percentage of horseshoes these days are made by hand, and this is another element of the farrier's craft that the Channon family provide to their customers. Ted Channon says,

It gives you a better sense of pride when you're shoeing the horse at the end of the day.

Madeline Channon was the only woman to represent Ireland in the recent Five Nations farrier competitions in England. While she is known in Ireland, her English counterparts were somewhat taken aback by a woman farrier competing against them.

In this profession, is it about the quality of the work, or the speed at which it is done? Madeleine Channon follows her father's advice,

Get good first, and then get quick.

It is a job you are born into and a way of life, maintains Joseph Channon, who studied the farrier trade in England and holds titles for many prestigious competitions. Precision is key when competing at an international level,

There isn't room for error…you're either there or you're not.

The Channons are also talented blacksmiths, and make a wide variety of ornaments and wrought iron gates.

This report for 'Nationwide’ was broadcast on 21 February 1987. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.