Recognized for bringing traditional Irish music around the world The Chieftains perform The Stone.

Traditional Irish music group The Chieftains have played to packed houses across the globe. Their international success has seen them fill Carnegie Hall and The Royal Albert Hall.

My special guests this evening are a group of musicians who probably more than most have exported Irish traditional music in a very fashionable and very sophisticated yet totally authentic way all over the world.

With all this success, The Chieftains still find time for an appearance on 'Bibi' to perform 'The Stone' partly composed by Paddy Moloney and partly based on a traditional tune.

This episode of 'Bibi' was broadcast on 22 January 1992. The presenter is Bibi Baskin.

'Bibi' was a chat show presented by Bibi Baskin and produced by Justin Nelson. Each programme had a weekly theme, such as a person or an issue, exploring Irish life in both English and Irish. 'Bibi' was first broadcast on 13 October 1988. It ended on 17 March 1992 with a Saint Patrick's Day special from Australia. Baskin went on to present several similar chat shows on RTÉ Television.