During the big freeze bread and milk are in short supply but in hot demand.

Following an Arctic weekend, with snow blocked roads affecting the supply of goods; vans are managing to complete deliveries again.

Many people who had been snowbound, without bread, milk and other necessities, descend on shops to replenish their food stocks. One resourceful shopper carries her grocery shopping home by toboggan.

Owners of supermarkets and shops appeal to people not to panic buy and only purchase items they need. Tánaiste Michael O'Leary has asked shopkeepers to ensure equitable distribution of bread and milk. In one supermarket, an employee is present to personally hand out both of these items to customers.

With fresh milk supplies significantly affected by the weather crisis, the government has taken the decision to bring 50,000 gallons of dried milk into Dublin from Cork. A cohort of soldiers unload sacks of dried milk from a lorry. All milk both dried and fresh, is distributed through shops.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 January 1982. This report has natural sound only.