Mayor of Miltown Malbay, soothsayer and fortune teller Lizzie Curtin predicts what lies in store for Pat Kenny using a a deck of cards.

Ireland's version of 16th century French seer Nostradamus is Lizzie Curtin, who is not only a soothsayer and fortune teller but also the Mayor of Miltown Malbay in County Clare.

Like her mother before her, Lizzie Curtin believes she is psychic. She uses a deck of cards to give Pat Kenny a reading. Before the card reading takes place Pat Kenny makes wishes and is then instructed to pick just nine cards from the pack as there is no time for a full reading.

How he selects the cards tells Lizzie Curtin,

That’s a sign that you’re going to have twins Pat.

The way Pat Kenny places the cards shows he is going to travel. While he must take the good and the bad news, the cards are favourable signalling,

Romance, a ring, a new house and everything.

Lizzie Curtin predicts a marriage in the year ahead, but notes not everything is going to plan with Pat Kenny building a new house in Dalkey, County Dublin. She also warns that a dark haired man with a J or an M in his name has an interest in Pat Kenny’s fiancée Kathy Walsh. However Pat Kenny should not be unduly worried as the cards show,

Everything good that you’d wish for a married life.

This episode of 'Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 11 January 1992. The presenter Pat Kenny.