A Galway psychic talks about travelling the world foretelling the future using water.

Mary Malone has travelled around the world six times visiting 125 different countries. British Airways say Mary is their best ever customer. Most people who clock up so many air miles are travelling on business and Mary is no exception. She is in the business of fortune telling reading tea leaves and water.

Galway born psychic Mary Malone and her husband sold their home and business and decided to travel the world.  She used to read tea leaves but since travelling to South Africa was inspired to tell fortunes by looking into water where words appear.

It comes up like a computer. Everything is wrote.

Pat Kenny passes her his glass of water and for a reading. Mary Malone makes predictions about his marital status that he will soon have to make a big decision and that there is money coming Pat's way.

This episode of Kenny Live was broadcast on 24 February 1990. The presenter is Pat Kenny.