A scarcity of tin whistles means Appletree Press are unable to fulfil orders for the Irish, British and European markets.

Belfast's Appletree Press currently produces a popular music gift pack for people who wish to start learning to play traditional music. Titled 'Making Music’ it contains a tin whistle in the key of D, a handbook of tunes and an accompanying EP (Extended Play Record).

Unfortunately, supply cannot keep up with demand. The Appletree Press little kit has sold out in Ireland and the company are unable to supply any further orders to mainland Europe. They have not been able to find an Irish tin whistle manufacturer.

This presents a problem for managing director John Murphy, who returned in September from the the Frankfurt Book Fair with orders for two hundred thousand tin whistle gift packs for the European market.

Ideally he would like to find a company in Ireland who can supply him with tin whistles. For now he has been able to source some from an English manufacturer, and has also found a company who can make the plastic mouthpiece, but not the whistle in its entirety.

It seems a bit of a shame for an Irish instrument that they have to be brought in from England.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 November 1976.