A number of roads closed by the British Army are reopened by local people on both sides of the border.

Leitrim is the only border county without an official road into Northern Ireland. Some people refer to the blockade between the villages of Rossinver in Couny Leitrim and Garrison in County Fermanagh as part of Ireland's Berlin Wall.

Locals from both sides of the border have decided enough is enough and opened the road themselves. Their action was mirrored at two other crossings in County Monaghan and County Donegal in a day of action organised by the organisation Irish National Congress to highlight the hardship and inconvenience caused by the closed roads.

The roads were originally closed by the British Army as a security measure. It is claimed this action has split communities and even families. In some case people must take journeys of up to 30 miles to reach places that might only be a mile apart.

Fermanagh based priest Father Joe McVeigh states people feel the only way to get their road opened is by taking matters into their own hands,

Legal or illegal it has to be done, it’s an absolute necessity to the local people.

Father Joe McVeigh is convinced opening the road will have a beneficial impact on community life in the area.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 November 1991. The reporter is Eileen Magnier.