Harmonica players in 'The Late Late Show' audience perform the reel 'The Earl's Chair'.

As an appreciation to the place of the harmonica in traditional Irish music, John Murphy, Pip Murphy, Don Melhuish, Austin Berry, Leo Carty, Rory Ó Lorcáin, Alan O’Dwyer, Colm Colfer and Kieran Hanrahan perform the reel 'The Earl's Chair'.

This traditional harmonica session takes place from ‘The Late Late Show’ audience where there are musicians who are all,

Top award winning harmonica champions.

Catering for a growing interest in the harmonica in traditional music, the Harcourt Hotel in Dublin is hosting a special event,

A blow, indeed a veritable whirlwind of harmonica players.

According to the historian and concertina player Gearoid Ó hAllmhuráin, ‘The Earl’s Chair’ was composed by flute player Packie (Patto) Moloney while sitting on a rock formation known as Earl’s Chair in the Derrycrag Wood, County Galway.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 18 October 1996. The presenter is Gay Bryne.