Marian Finucane agus Doireann Ní Bhriain i gcomhrá le Breandán Feiritéar faoin gclár raidió 'Women Today'.

Marian Finucane and Doireann Ní Bhriain talk women's rights, broadcasting and inclusivity to Breandán Feiritéar.

Following a review of the national broadcaster that identified gender imbalance in RTÉ, radio producers Clare Duignan and Betty Purcell created 'Women Today' a show dealing with issues affecting women's lives. First broadcast in 1979 with Marian Finucane in the presenter's chair, reporters are Doireann Ní Bhriain and Hilary Orpen.

Marian Finucane admits that while she has an awareness of women's issues now, she had not given the subject that much thought previously,

I ndáiríribh, níor smaoinigh mise morán faoi stádas na mban roimhe sin.

It is definitely a different type of programme, believes Doireann Ní Bhriain. A seasoned RTÉ reporter, she says there is a tangible connection between the radio team and listeners (male as well as female) who write and phone in to the show. She credits Marian Finucane's presentation style in the creation of this community who connect via the airwaves,

Na mná atá ag éisteacht leis, agus sinne istigh, go bhfuil saghas tuiscint eadrainn.

Is there really a need to have a radio programme just for women? Marian Finucane says there is because prior to 'Women Today' female contributors to RTÉ programmes were in the minority. Issues affecting the lives and topics that women are interested in were not commonplace on national radio,

Is dócha dá má rud é go raibh gach aon rud i gceart, ní bheadh aon gá ann.

Doireann Ní Bhriain also admits that she had not given much attention to women’s issues before ‘Women Today’. Her work as a reporter on this programme was a real eye opener,

Thuigeas an méad rudaí a bhí ag tarlú ná raibh fhios agamsa mar gheall air.

The show connects women to each other, even if they are miles apart physically. A woman who is at home with children with older relatives often experiences isolation but what they are doing helps to redress this a little as,

Tugann sé seans di caint le mná eile.

Presenter Breandán Feiritéar wonders if there is too much of a prevailing middle class outlook on of ‘Women Today’. There is some truth in that, says Marian Finucane, but their show finds the common ground among women.

Rudaí cosúil le oideachas, fostaíocht, praghasanna...baineann siad siúd le gach aicme.

This episode of 'Eadrainn' was broadcast on 23 June 1981. The presenter is Breandán Feiritéar.