Marian Finucane takes over as the presenter of 'The Late Late Show'.

‘The Late Late Show’ examines the representation of women in the media in light of a report submitted to the RTÉ Authority. A panel invited into the studio to discuss the report includes publisher Noelle Campbell-Sharp, journalist Nell McCafferty and presenter of the RTÉ Radio 1 programme 'Women Today' Marian Finucane.

Gay Byrne feels that one specific sentence in the report is supposed to signify how women are done down,

Marian Finucane will never take the Late Late chair.

He decides it is time to prove this statement false and he welcomes Marian Finucane to take the presenter’s chair. He departs the stage, leaving the show in Marian Finucane’s capable hands.

You’re on your own baby.

As Marian Finucane settles herself into Gay Bryne’s role, she receives a standing ovation from the audience and Nell McCafferty shouts,

At last, free at last, my God we’re free at last.

A greatly amused Marian Finucane retorts,

Watch it, I’m in an authoritarian role now Nell.

Marian Finucane introduces her first guest on ‘The Late Late Show’, Dr Lucille Mair. A champion of women's rights, Dr Mair performed the role of Secretary-General for the World Conference of the United Nations Decade for Women held in Copenhagen. Prior to that, she was the Jamaican government’s deputy permanent representative at the United Nations.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 15 November 1980. The presenter is Marian Finucane.