Nell McCafferty and Máirín de Burca tell Pat Kenny how things have changed for the Irish Women's Movement.

On International Women's Day 2000, two veterans of the Irish Women's Liberation Movement look back at how far Ireland has come in this extract from 'Today With Pat Kenny'.

Máirín de Burca tells Pat it was unbelievable what Ireland was like for women: the great issue was contraception, but she didn't even go on the famous contraceptive train to Belfast in 1971 to illegally bring some back to Ireland because she was a single woman and didn't want to outrage the rural women they were trying to bring into the movement. The marriage bar was in place until 1973, meaning that women had to leave the civil service when they got married. Nell McCafferty says she had to get a man to sign for her when she bought a bed on the hire purchase.

But is the work of the women's movement done? De Burca points out that equal pay is still not a reality.

This edition of 'Today with Pat Kenny' was broadcast on 8 March 2000.