Irish Girl Guide come together to celebrates eight decades of their movement at Melleray '91.

The Irish Girl Guides are celebrating 80 years with the biggest camp ever held for girls in Ireland at Mount Melleray in County Waterford. More than 1,200 Guides and their leaders participated in Melleray '91 held from 20 – 27 July 1991.

The Girl Guides aged from 11 to 17, come from ten European countries, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand and Japan. Melleray ’91 has an ecological theme and is officially opened by the junior Minister for the Environment Mary Harney.

The week in the canvas village includes activities such as camping skills, self defence, nature studies and crafts. Each group of Guides fends for itself. While life in the great outdoors is a challenge, it is also great fun.

Irish Girl Guides public relations officer Jenny Neff believes Guiding provides girls with an education for life.

It’s education in every way, learning to live with one another and learning to adapt to one another’s cultures and being tolerant.

Guiding is all about character formation and many who have grown up through the movement find they are suited to managerial roles in the workplace.

It’s something you don’t learn through schools and probably not through normal life it is an education for life in every way.

What being a Girl Guide achieves may appear intangible, but for Irish Girl Guides chief commissioner Margaret Dunne,

Basically it’s training for citizenship.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 July 1991. The reporter is Michael Ryan.