A place of worship for the Greek Orthodox community in Dublin.

The Greek Orthodox Church in Ireland holds its inaugural liturgy at Saint Mary's Anglican Church, Mary Street, in Dublin.

Saint Mary's Anglican Church on the corner of Jervis Street and Mary Street is where Arthur Guinness married Olivia Whitmore in 1761. Revolutionary Theobald Wolfe Tone who founded the United Irishmen was baptised here in 1763, and playwright Seán O'Casey was also baptised here in 1880.

Today this venerable place of worship became the first permanent church in Ireland for the Hellenic Community here, which consists of approximately one hundred and fifty people many of whom have come from the Greek part of Cyprus.

Up to now Greek Orthodox Masses have been taking place at the Dublin Missions to Seamen, but last month the Church of Ireland, Archbishop of Dublin Doctor Henry McAdoo offered temporary use of this city centre church to the Greek Orthodox Church for their liturgies.

The Most Reverend Methodios Fouyas, Archbishop of Thyateria and Primate of the Orthodox Church in Ireland, Britain and Malta who travelled to Dublin to celebrate the inaugural liturgy is the chief celebrant.

The Papal Nuncio Doctor Alibrandi represented the Roman Catholic Church, and clergymen from the other major Christian churches in Ireland are also present.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 May 1981. The reporter is Caroline Erskine.