The Bad Art Gallery exhibits the work of artists rejected by the Royal Hibernian Academy for its prestigious annual exhibition.

Although these paintings will not be hanging at the Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) this year, they have found another home at the Bad Art Gallery in The Liberties in Dublin. The paintings are being put on display as part of the first ever Royal Academy Reject Exhibition.

Jim Harkin is one of the artists whose work is in the exhibition. His painting of Mafra O'Reilly is actually set in the Royal Hibernian Academy but was rejected for the RHA exhibition. It is now showing at the Bad Art Gallery. Jim Harkin believes the quality of the work is so good that people will be clambering to get their work exhibited in next year’s reject exhibition.

Denise Donnelly runs the Bad Art Gallery and is also an RHA reject. She sees the exhibition as both a celebration and a commiseration.

We decided to take in the work and take it in and be proud.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 May 2006. The reporter is Áine Gallagher.