An impression of ROSC '77 at the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery and the National Museum.

The third ROSC exhibition in Dublin. The works on display at the Municipal Gallery have a European scope and were created within the last five years. The National Museum features art dating back centuries.

In this film shows a young boy exploring the exhibits on display at ROSC '77. The narration is from Norris Davidson.

Every exhibit here is a statement by its creator. The specatator's eye and mind reach out towards comprehension.

Italian Marion Ceroli, Czech Stanislav Kolíbal, Italian Giulio Paolini, Irish Patrick Ireland (O'Doherty), German Gerhard von Graevenitz, and Irish Seamus Coleman are among the artists featured in this film.

ROSC '77 ran from 21 August to the 30 October 1977.

This episode of 'Folio' was broadcast on 25 October 1977. The presenter is Norris Davidson.