People's art on display at Merrion Square but artists would prefer to exhibit on Saint Stephen's Green.

An open air art gallery takes place every Saturday on Merrion Square in Dublin. Artists must obtain a permit that allows them to display and sell original works of art only. The exhibition continues until early September.

Earlier in the summer, a group of artists known collectively as People's Art held a similar four day exhibition on St Stephen’s Green, which they argue is a busier and more popular location.

Bob Doyle of the People’s Art group explains that five hundred artists took part in the Dublin Corporation sponsored event on St Stephen’s Green. However, Stephen's Green is owned by the Office of Public Works and Dublin Corporation own to the edge of the footpaths surrounding the green. Normally, trading is not permitted on the path but the rules were relaxed for four days. Bob Doyle says St Stephen’s Green is the central point of the city and the People’s Art group would prefer to exhibit and trade from there.

However, Gerry Carrig explains that St Stephen’s Green is not a Dublin Corporation park. He believes that Merrion Square is a more fitting location for the exhibition as it is situated beside the National Gallery of Ireland.

They can sell their paintings here at a much lower price than they could sell them in a gallery.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 August 1985. The reporter is Mary Butler.