Behind the scenes at the Irish Recorded Music Industry Awards in the National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Irish and international acts are taking part in Ireland's first comprehensive rock and pop awards, the Anything Goes Milk Music Awards at the National Concert Hall (NCH) in Dublin.

Hosts for the event are 'Anything Goes' presenters Dave Heffernan and Aonghus McAnally. The ten award categories are put together by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) ) which represent the combined efforts of recording companies. Winners have been chosen by Anything Goes viewers. The event is sponsored by the National Dairy Council and run by the IFPI.

At a production meeting, RTÉ producer/director John Masterson confirms the running order for the bands performing on the night. These include Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, Prefab Sprout, Go West, Level 42 and Light a Big Fire.

John Masterson has a stage plan for Go West and John Sheehan of CBS confirms that he will provide one for Prefab Sprout.

Lloyd Cole arrives at Dublin Airport from Glasgow and is very much looking forward to the show,

Any chance to hang about with some pop stars is always good fun.

Taking time out from rehearsals at the NCH, Tom McLaughlin, singer with Irish rock band Light A Big Fire says the ideal situation for any band is great record sales combined with people coming to see them on tour.

We dream that we make a whole slew of money and we go somewhere warm and have time enough to spend it and I think that’s pretty reasonable. Any band that tells you anything different, they are liars.

Also at rehearsals are Prefab Sprout singer, guitarist and keyboard player Wendy Smith and singer and songwriter Paddy McAloon. Paddy McAloon tends to focus on what the band will do in the future rather than on record sales.

My main worry is keeping up the quality of the songs, rather than making records for the sake of it.

Songwriting is also important for Mark King, bass player and singer with Level 42. The band will be playing their hit song 'Leaving Me Now’ at the awards ceremony. This ballad sees Mark King’s bass line take a less prominent role,

You do what’s best for the song, you don’t just go out there to say that listen to me I’m a virtuoso player.

The Irish Recorded Industry Awards was broadcast live on RTÉ1 on 11 March 1986 with a simultaneous transmission on Radio 2.

This episode of ‘Anything Goes’ was broadcast on 29 March 1986.