Ireland's first and only American football team the Dublin Celts take on Cheshire's Wirral Wolves at the home of Blackrock College Rugby.

A crowd of around two thousand were in Stradbrook, Blackrock to watch the Dublin Celts take on the Wirral Wolves.

It may not have been the Super Bowl but for the growing band of followers of American football in this country, it was the next best thing.

While it was a friendly match, it had some of the glamour of the real Super Bowl in the form of the cheerleaders from the Dublin Celts.

The Dublin Celts had a team of 35 players including five US marines and two Gardaí. The Wirral Wolves, who are currently playing in the British American Football League, also had a team of 35 players.

To the delight of the Dublin fans, the Dublin Celts won by 14 points to nil.

One local supporter said that if the success of the Dublin Celts continues, they may end up playing the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl in about 20 years.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 March 1986. The reporter is Charlie Bird.