Twelve year old girl from Carrick-on-Suir gets to work with a vet for a day.

A dream came true for an 'Anything Goes' viewer, when Antoinette Strappe  spent a day working in Noel Kelly's busy veterinary clinic. 

The majority of animals here are pets, some in need of urgent care, like the cat with a broken leg. Antoinette Strappe also helped with more routine tasks like checking a dog’s ears for mites and vaccinating puppies.    

What does it take to become a vet? Firstly, a veterinary degree from University College Dublin (UCD), explains Noel Kelly. You can prepare for that by studying biology, physics, chemistry or mathematics in secondary school. Getting to know animals and learning about them is also useful, so he recommends summer jobs in kennels or on a farm over the next few years.

Being good with animals is one thing, but meeting and dealing with the humans who care for them is also a requisite skill for any vet says Noel Kelly,

It is probably equally important to be able to get on with people.

Working antisocial hours can be part of the job description as well, which makes veterinary 

More of a vocation than a nine to five job.

This episode of ‘Anything Goes’ was broadcast on 18 January 1986. The reporter is Mary Fitzgerald.