Medium Doris Stokes encounters a sceptical member of 'The Late Late Show' audience.

During an edition of 'The Late Late Show' entirely devoted to parapsychology, the study of the paranormal, British medium Doris Stokes, talks to members of the studio audience and communicates with spirits.

A sceptic in the audience is not impressed with the accuracy of Doris Stokes' psychic powers.

With the very large family I have, every name that has been mentioned could be associated with my family.

Doris Stokes explains that on a television show where time is tight she cannot fully showcase her abilities. But in a private session she can provide the first names and surnames of the spirits she contacts.

The woman in the audience appreciates what Doris does. However she says previous parts of the show featuring astrologer Russell Grant, aura expert Brian Snellgrove and scientist Dr Kit Pedlar was the most boring episode of 'The Late Late Show’ she has ever endured.

I’ll be probably going over to ‘Match of the Day’ after this.

The woman would like to have seen the show take a more scientific angle and it has convinced her to give up reading horoscopes.

This edition of 'The Late Late Show' was broadcast on 17 January 1981. The presenter is Gay Byrne.