Keelin Shanley takes a look at some developments in science and tries to answer questions from viewers.

Science Week takes place in early November and the theme in 1998 is 'Science for a Successful Ireland'. Journalist, broadcaster and presenter of ‘Tech TV’ Keelin Shanley shares some of recent science and technology developments . She is excited about the potential of smart technology for future kitchens.

One of the things that I just thought was such a good idea is a kitchen that thinks for itself.

Technology will be able to tell when you are running low on something in the kitchen and simply orders what you need from the internet and it is delivered to your door. While it will not clean up after you, the kitchen can tell you the exact ingredients you need for a dinner and how many calories are in each serving.

Keelin Shanley believes events like Science Week are brilliant for bringing science to the broader public. She says that understanding science is similar to learning a new language. Her own interest in science started at a young age when her Dad used to take her fishing.

Viewers have some unusual questions on the subject of science. The first caller is Francis McNamara who asks if people could potentially grow wings. While Keelin Shanley is unsure about our potential to grow wings, she does talk about about jet packs and enable individuals to travel through the air.

I can’t see us growing wings.

During Science Week, RTÉ is broadcasting a four-part documentary series ‘Big Science’. The first in the series has just been broadcast and examines DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Keelin Shanley explains the importance of DNA and how cloning technology could benefit medical advances.

Another caller, Patrick Allen, asks if there will be a remote control mouse for a computer. Keelin Shanley explains that a computer mouse is already a kind of remote control and talks about technological developments like wireless mice.

As Bláthnaid points out,

There’s no straight answers in science and technology.

Another guest on the show is 10 year old Darragh who has recently received his ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence). He received his certificate after attending a summer camp on computers and passing six exams on Microsoft products.

This episode of ‘Echo Island’ was broadcast on 10 November 1998. The presenter is Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh.