In a recorded message Tieda Herrema asks for the search for him to be called off and that the demands of his kidnappers are met.

On 3 October 1975, Dutch businessman Tieda Herrema was abducted in Castletroy, County Limerick by Eddie Gallagher and Marion Coyle, both members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army. The kidnappers demanded the release of three prisoners Kevin Mallon, Jim Hyland and Rose Dugdale in return for Tiede Herrema. 

The kidnapping sparked a massive security campaign and one of the biggest manhunts in the history of the state.

Two weeks following the kidnapping a cassette tape with a recording of Tiede Herrema was released by the kidnappers.

A package containing the tape was delivered to the Royal Dublin Hotel to be collected by Dutch journalist with 'De Telegraaf' Jaap Metz.

The package contained a cassette with the voice of Tiede Herrema. The minute long recording was made on 13 October 1975 and was released by the abductors. In the recorded message Tiede Herrema outlined the demands of the kidnappers and stated a threat to cut off his foot.

If you ask for proof that I am alive again, they threaten to cut my foot off and send it to you.

Tiede Herrema also appealed to the Gardaí to call off their search for him as they were putting his life in danger. 

Please do not put my life in danger by looking for me.

This episode of 'Seven Days' broadcast on 17 October 1975. The reporter is Michael Ryan.