On the eve of another sell out London run 'Riverdance' star dancer and choreographer Michael Flatley is no longer part of the hit show.

Riverdance first wowed audiences as the interval act at the Eurovision Song Contest in the Point Depot in April 1994. Riverdance – The Show is set to open at the Apollo in London with advance sales of £5 million.

Riverdance principal dancer Michael Flatley has refused to sign a contract with producer Moya Doherty because he claims the show contains new material that he has not personally choreographed. In the past, he held sole credit for what was arranged and danced.

It is with regret that Riverdance publicist Jennie Halsall announces,

A decision was made last night and Michael Flatley is no longer in the show at this particular point in time of this run.

Michael FIatley has just been featured in 'Hello’ magazine, an honour which for many celebrities has led to a run of bad luck, and which has become known as the curse of ‘Hello’.

Michael Flatley is devastated to no longer be part of Riverdance. In a statement, he confirms the issue is about creative control rather than money.

Riverdance it is greater and bigger than any of its stars. The role vacated by Michael Flatley is being filled by his understudy, Birmingham born Colin Dunne. Principal dancer Jean Butler is out of the show for the next week as she is suffering from strained ligaments. Her role is being taken by Finglas woman Arlene Ní Bhaoill.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 October 1995. The reporter is Colm Connolly.