Items belonging to Éamon de Valera go on display in the President's Room at the National Museum of Ireland.

The Presidential Room in the National Museum of Ireland (NMI) in Dubin contains possessions belonging to Ireland's Presidents. Included in the collection are the various insignia, decorations, medals, medallions, plaques, photographs, city keys and other personal items collected by Éamon de Valera, the third President of Ireland.

Of particular note are Éamon de Valera’s 1917 election posters, his baptismal certificate, a certificate noting his command of an IRA battalion at Boland’s Mills in 1916, gifts from the astronauts of Apollo 13 and an unusual gift from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

Assistant keeper of the National Museum of Ireland Pádraig Ó Snodaigh says the memorabilia has been in the possession of the Irish Franciscan Order since Éamon de Valera’s death in 1975. It was a condition of the late President's will that his memorabilia be handed over to the National Museum of Ireland if within 10 years of his death there was a designated Presidential Room.

Where memorabilia connected with all incumbents of the office of President was collectively exhibited.

The National Museum of Ireland has been less fortunate collecting items belonging to other Presidents of Ireland. However the collection is being expanded and is permanently on public display according to the wishes of Éamon de Valera in his will.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 August 1985. The reporter is Michelle McCaughren.