Tadhg Gahan who was in Jacob's Biscuit Factory and Joseph O'Connor who was in Boland's Mill give their memories of the Easter Rising in 1916.

Desmond Ryan introduces the third episode of 'They Remember 1916' explaining the strategic importance of the site of the Jacob's biscuit factory.

Tadhg Gahan describes the events of the week as he witnessed them from the Jacob's Factory. Having occupied the factory buildings the Volunteers took up positions at boarded windows and gates. Gahan was one of a group who used a hired horse drawn cab to ferry grenades from a house in York Street back to Jacob's. The factory itself saw little action during the week and following the surrender the occupiers marched to St Patrick's Park. Reflecting 40 years after the event Tadhg Gahan says, 

"I personally find it difficult to think of these days without thinking also of the days that were to come on all the world for it was a small war compared with the ruthless uprising and suppression that so many cities were to see."

Joseph O'Connor was one of Eamon de Valera's officers. O'Connor describes some of his thoughts during the week of fighting. At one point he and some of his comrades were on a high railway line where he describes,

"We had a clear view of the fires in the city an awful sight to me as I was always proud of Dublin and its fine buildings. I thought how often we were told they would never use artillery in the centre of a a great city."