The story of the Kimmage garrison and Cormac Turner's account of the occupation of the Hopkins and Hopkins building and the fighting in O'Connell Street during Easter Week 1916.

Desmond Ryan gives the background to the Kimmage Garrison a group of Irish Volunteers largely from Scotland and England who were camped at the old Larkfield Mill in Kimmage, Dublin on farm land owned by the Plunkett family.

Cormac Turner was one of those who departed from Larkfield. Here he recalls the journey by tram to take part in the Easter Rising.   On arriving in the city centre the Kimmage garrison split a number of groups who took up positions in the O'Connell Street area. 

Seamus Robinson, Seamus Lundy and Cormac Turner occupied Hopkins and Hopkins a jewellers and watchmakers shop at O'Connell Street.  Turner describes the events he witnessed, the trouble given by a British sniper, shelling from the Royal Navy ship the Helga and making his way along O'Connell street which was being swept by machine gun fire.