Liam Daly who helped erect a wireless aerial on the roof of the Dublin Bread Company building and Desmond Ryan who was in the General Post Office recall their memories of Easter Week 1916.

Liam Daly describes how communication systems were set up between buildings along O'Connell Street so that the movement of British troops could be relayed. Daly and John O'Connor erected a wireless aerial on the roof of a wireless school building where they came under fire.

Later in the week after much fighting Liam Daly describes how on Wednesday buildings in O'Connell Street had to be abandoned as they retreated to the GPO. He also how describes how wax work effigies of King Edward and Wolfe Tone were hung out the window and torn apart by British gun fire.

In this final episode of 'They Remember 1916' presenter Desmond Ryan gives his own account of abandoning the General Post Office and the final of surrender before marching to O'Connell Street to lay down arms.