The pubs were packed to see the World Cup quarter final between the Republic of Ireland and host nation Italy.

It is standing room only in Kiely's pub in the Dublin suburb of Donnybrook as Jack’s Army took on the might of the Italians in the Italia '90 World Cup quarter final in the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

An Italian goal by striker Salvatore Schillaci only encouraged the Irish fans more, but the 1-0 victory for the Italians left them chanting,

We’ll be back.

Outside Kiely’s one fan felt the Italians were lucky to win.

Ireland played very well and we justified our performance, justified our position in the quarter finals.

A woman adds,

They were brilliant, absolutely brilliant, and they should have won.

Another fan who was in Italy for three matches says the atmosphere in Dublin is not as good before and during the matches,

But after match atmosphere is absolutely brilliant here, the only problem was the mafia didn’t keep Schillaci in Palermo.

In spite of the defeat, O’Connell Street in Dublin is full of post-match revelry. Clearly the Republic of Ireland squad will receive a hero’s welcome home when they return home from Italy.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 June 1990. The reporter is Charlie Bird.