A colourful procession marks the arrival of King James II to Kinsale as part of a Wild Geese Weekend.

Organised by Bord Fáilte and Kinsale Community Promotions, the Wild Geese Weekend is one of a series of events being held in Kinsale this month.

Now in their fourth year, the Wild Geese Weekend is designed to stimulate tourism during the off peak season.

Thankfully for King James II and the weekend's organisers the weather obliged, and the crowds who had gathered in Kinsale Harbour were also able to enjoy the sunshine.

The royal visitor, accompanied by Colonel Patrick Sarsfield, disembarked and was accompanied through the streets by a marching band.

The old streets of Kinsale reverberated to the tramp of marching feet and trumpet notes.

Following the route the original James II and his retinue took through the town in 1689, they passed by the site of a house where the king is said to have stayed three hundred years ago.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 May 1975. The reporter is Dermot Mullane.