Donegal becoming the wind capital of Ireland as the country's largest onshore wind farm opens.

The 38 turbine Meentycat wind farm is located in the Cark mountains north of Ballybofey in County Donegal.  Three times bigger than any other wind farm in Ireland, it can produce enough energy to power 45,000 households.

Airtricity, the company behind the €86 million development of the wind farm, claims that the government has failed to capture the potential of wind farms and renewable energy resources in Ireland. Airtricity has suspended plans for future wind farms in Ireland until the government reverses its position on subsidising sustainable energy projects and develops a proper national grid infrastructure.

Meentycat was officially opened by television presenter and environmentalist Duncan Stewart who believes that wind energy has the power to solve all of Ireland's fuel requirements.

Paul Dowling Chief Operations Officer with Airtricity explains that the company is looking for financial incentives from the government but these are not forthcoming.

For Duncan Stewart, wind energy is the way forward for clean, environmentally friendly fuel.

Wind energy is a natural resource that we have in abundance in Ireland. We have it and we’re not using it up until now.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 April 2005. The reporter is Eileen Magnier.