On street charging stations introduced for electric vehicles in Dublin.

Ireland started a transport revolution today, according to Energy Minister Eamon Ryan with 1,500 so-called "juice points" due to be turned on by the end of next year.

This public infrastructure is part of a government plan to have ten per cent of all cars being electric by the year 2020.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative Eamon Ryan said,

It's going to be in everyone’s home in a number of years.

The plan means that there will be a charging point in every town in Ireland with a population of over 1,500 people.

Padraig McManus CEO of the Electricity Supply Board (ESB), says the company is determined to roll out the service across the country.

Mobile phones will play a key role in that drivers will be able to access the web to see if charging points are available.

Joe McCarthy MD of MCC Controls explains that the iPhone app allows users to plan their route, see the status of the car as it is charging and also receive a message when the car is fully charged.

Running an electric car costs three cent per mile as opposed to fifteen cent for a conventional vehicle.

If they’re reliable, then electric cars will catch on quickly.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 March 2010. The reporter is Paul Cunningham.