Lily Savage on Mary Robinson, Margaret Thatcher and Marlene Dietrich.

When the Irish state took action against the Irish Family Planning Association for the illegal sale of condoms at the Virgin Megastore, Trinity College Dublin invited Lily Savage to take part in a safe sex workshop.

Accepting the invitation Lily Savage demonstrated the use of condoms with the assistance of Mary Robinson, a prominent campaigner for the legal availability of contraception.

It was before she became the president, so I wouldn’t dare call her Mary now, I’ve got great respect for her.

Lily Savage believes the calibre of British politicians such as John Major and Margaret Thatcher leaves a lot to be desired. She blames the Conservative Party in particular for the decimation of the National Health Service (NHS).

A man in the audience defends Margaret Thatcher,

She done more for that country for any other leader.

Another member of the audience suggests Lily Savage runs for the role of Prime Minister. She flatly refuses this challenge.

I couldn’t live in Downing Street because there’s no off-licence nearby.

An English woman in the audience says the Irish health service is far worse than the NHS.

You have to live over here to appreciate the National Health Service in London because over here you have to pay for absolutely everything.

Lily Savage tells the tale of when she met the German actress and singer Marlene Dietrich who performed her one woman show at Southport Theatre in May 1973. Marlene Dietrich was considered one of the most glamorous stars of her day, but when Lily met her backstage, she was completely unrecognisable. Nevertheless,

I just thought she was an incredible woman.

She dismisses the book Dietrich’s daughter Maria Riva wrote about her mother, calling it a tissue of lies.

Lily Savage is a character played by British comedian Paul O’Grady.

This episode of 'The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 31 March 1995. The presenter is Gay Byrne.