Following the Anglo Irish Summit in 1984 a press conference was held with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

At the press conference Thatcher expresses the shared aim of "lasting peace and stability in Northern Ireland".  However, Thatcher dismisses each of the potential solutions for the conflict in Northern Ireland outlined in the New Ireland Forum Report. These being unity, federation, and joint authority. 

In what became known as the "out, out, out" speech, Thatcher comments:

I have made it quite clear - and so did Mr Prior when he was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland - that a unified Ireland was one solution. That is out. A second solution was confederation of two states. That is out. A third solution was joint authority. That is out. That is a derogation from sovereignty. We made that quite clear when the Report was published.

She continues by stating that Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom because "that is the wish of the majority of her citizens".

This excerpt from the press conference was broadcast on the current affairs programme 'Today Tonight' on 19 November, 1984.

Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher