Albert Reynolds and John Major issue joint declaration aimed at a cessation of violence in Northern Ireland.

After months of negotiations, the Taoiseach Albert Reynolds arrived at Downing Street to sign a historic agreement between the two governments. The joint British Irish policy hopes to see an end to the years of violence in Northern Ireland. 

Speaking at a joint news conference outside Downing Street, John Major describes the agreement as,

A declaration for democracy and dialogue and it is based on consent.

Albert Reynolds says,

Our central message is that both communities can fulfill their ideals and aspirations best through the democratic system. That there is absolutely no need for violence which only deepens divisions between communities.

The declaration, described by both leaders as a balanced document, reaffirms that there can be no change in the constitutional status of Northern Ireland without the consent of the majority. 

Albert Reynolds speaking to RTÉ News says the document sets out to respect the democratic rights of both communities. Tánaiste Dick Spring believes that the unionists must have an input into the process towards peace.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 December 1993. The reporter is Donal Kelly.