Shaun Aisbitt and Joe Cawley describe what it is like to be taller than everyone else in Ireland.

Author and sister of the Hollywood actress Maureen O’Sullivan, Sheila Mooney meets some members of the 'Kenny Live' audience. Seated in the front row are Shaun Aisbitt and Joe Cawley, the tallest men in Ireland.

Shaun Aisbitt was declared Ireland’s tallest man at the age of 21 at 6 foot 10.5 inches. He cannot go anywhere without people staring at him and strangers often make hurtful comments about his height.

It’s like being famous without the money.

He won a tallest man competition on the ‘Gay Byrne Show’ and his prize was a bespoke Louis Copeland suit. Otherwise he has to go to London to shop for shoes and clothes.

Joe Cawley from Sligo is 6 foot 9.5 inches. As a member of An Garda Síochána, he is a foot taller than the minimum height requirement. Being so conspicuous is not always helpful in his profession.

They always want to knock the big man down, you know, as I say a big tree is easily felled.

Both men have difficulty travelling in cars, on public transpiration and on planes. In the theatre and cinema they need aisle or front row seats. In spite of the problems they face on a daily basis, they would not like to be smaller.

We consider this normal.

This episode of ‘Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 31 March 1990. The presenter Pat Kenny.