New rubbish disposal system puts waste collection containers underground.

Minister for the Environment Dick Roche has launched Ireland’s first underground recycling facility. The system is aimed at eliminating unsightly bottle banks and providing a discreet solution to waste disposal in built up areas.

It's safe, it's clean and above all, it’s out of sight.

The underground recycling system has been manufactured by Sturdy Products in Blessington in County Wicklow. Only the disposal unit is visible above ground with the bottles and containers stored in a container below ground level.

John Hanlon of Sturdy Products Ltd explains the benefits of the new system which include greater capacity, less noise pollution and a safer environment.

Dick Roche describes the underground recycling system as innovative.

With the introduction of bin charges according to usage, more and more people are recycling.

The underground recycling storage system is already widely used in countries like France and Germany and has proved effective in removing the mess normally associated with bottle banks and recycling bins.

Dublin City Council has plans to put five underground recycling units on O’Connell Street.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 February 2005. The reporter is Eileen Whelan.