Singer, songwriter and actor Marianne Faithfull on the Irish, love and laundry.

Marianne Faithfull is about to embark on an Irish tour and is always appreciative of the warmth she receives from audiences in Ireland. The Irish are less inclined to hold grudges and are generally more compassionate than other people

There’s obviously a strong rapport.

Marianne Faithful is sanguine about her past,

There is nothing I can do about it now, and actually I don’t even regret that much of it, I’m glad it all happened like it did because that’s how I got here.

In 1988 she married the American writer Giorgio Della Terz although they were both reluctant to embark on another relationship. Once a hopeless romantic, Marianne has come to the conclusion,

There’s more to love than romantic love.

The couple have settled into a form of domestic bliss where Marianne enjoys doing the laundry.

I love doing the washing, I find it very relaxing.

Marianne Faithful performs ‘Conversation on a Barstool’ accompanied on guitar by Barry Reynolds. The song was written especially for her by Bono and The Edge of U2.

This episode of ‘Nighthawks’ was broadcast on 13 February 1990. The presenter is Shay Healy.

‘Nighthawks’ was a programme that was set in a bar/cafe where the presenter Shay Healy was also the proprietor. The content was a mixture of comedy sketches, interviews, music performances and music videos.
‘Nighthawks’ was broadcast between 1988 and 1992 and went out three nights a week.