Atari workers in Limerick occupy the factory in protest over job losses and redundancy packages.

Struggling with falling sales as a result of competition from competitors, the games manufacturer Atari announced in December 1984 that it would cease operation in Limerick resulting in the loss of hundreds of jobs. The company is planning on moving manufacturing to Taiwan where labour is cheaper.

In protest at the decision to close, Atari employees have occupied the factory and are withholding stock and machinery.

The workers gave RTÉ News the reasons for their action. One woman says,

To highlight the whole situation, the way we've been treated and in the hope that even if we don't gain anything from it that other workers will see the stand that we're taking.

Workers are hoping that a new company will move into the plant and offer them employment. They are also seeking a better redundancy settlement.

Most people will only have about four hundred quid, even less. That's a ridiculously low level of money to be giving to people after so much commitment.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 January 1985. The reporter is Peter McNiff.