Boyzone singer Keith Duffy and his son Jordan on The Late Late Toy Show.

It is the first time for Pat Kenny to present The Late Late Toy Show. Keith Duffy and his son Jordan are among the guests. A reluctant toy tester, Jordan has asked Santa for a motorbike, gloves and a helmet he has been a good boy so far this year. 

The late hour and the studio audience are all a bit much for Jordan who declines to join in the toy testing and is less than impressed at the din created by his Dad and Pat Kenny.  

‘The Late Late Toy Show’ began in the 1970s when 'Late Late Show' researcher Pan Collins came up with the idea. 

Originally assigned a half-hour slot at the end of ‘The Late Late Show’, the aim was to give parents an idea of what toys were in the shops for Christmas while their children were supposed to be asleep in bed. 

It soon became a one-night show in its own right, complete with children as toy testers and performers.

‘The Late Late Show’ was first presented by Gay Byrne. Pat Kenny replaced Gay Byrne as the presenter in 1999 and remained in that position for 10 years. The current presenter is Ryan Tubridy, who took over in 2009.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Toy Show’ was broadcast on 3 December 1999. The presenter is Pat Kenny.