In Wexford the Blackwater Youth Club are making their own video of the hit romantic musical 'Grease'.

The Blackwater Youth Club have taken the 'Grease' plot line featuring the love story of teenagers Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson and adapted it to make a video version of their stage production. With their own script, the Blackwater teenagers are acting and filming their very own video production miming to the Grease soundtrack. 

After creating a successful stage version of 'Grease' for the Tops of the Club, Blackwater Youth Club have gone a step further with a video production.

The storyline in Grease reminded us of our own summer in Blackwater.

The production allows young people to learn about camera work and production while enjoying themselves. 

This episode of 'Jo-Maxi' was broadcast on 20 November 1989. The presenter is Ray D'Arcy.