The Donaghys are a family that works hard and makes sacrifices to make sure they get to leave the country for a holiday every year.

Mrs Elisabeth Donaghy, mother of five, works in a factory for three months every year to earn extra money to take her family abroad on holiday.

I work for a few months every year to raise some money because I like to travel with my older children and that takes money so I go in to work in a factory.

For the last three years, Elisabeth has spent three months clocking in at 8 am each morning for a nine hour day on the production line.

Travel, she argues, is essential to the education and development of a child.

The Donaghy family shares the household chores and try to be as self-sufficient as they can by growing their own fruit and vegetables and keeping chickens for eggs. Elisabeth finishes work at 5 pm and is usually home around 6.30 pm by which time the children usually have the evening meal ready. 

My husband insists that I don't do the things that my children are well able to do.

Elisabeth is able to go out to work and keep her household going because of the support and cooperation she gets from her husband and children.  

The children also work in their free time to contribute to their trips abroad. 

Over dinner, the family recalls memories from their travels which for Elisabeth makes it all worthwhile.

When her children are grown up, Elisabeth looks forward to pursuing a career and/or an education. 

This episode of 'Cope' was broadcast on 25 October 1974. The reporter is Áine O'Connor.