Footbag or hack sack is introduced to Ireland with display of skill and agility on Grafton Street.

The ball is a sort of leather bag filled with plastic chips so it does not bounce. 

Footbag, a sort of volleyball where you use your feet instead of your hands.

The game started in the USA about ten years ago and American Tricia Sullivan is the current female world champion. She Leads an exhibition of of the game on Grafton Street and explains that footbag first came about as a form of knee therapy.

It can be played as a game with a net and an opponent or freestyle with or without a partner. 

The Irish Importer of footbag JJ Fitzgibbon who owns a sports shop on South Anne Street, Dublin says the game is great for teaching children coordination. 

Rugby international and sports shop owner Tony Ward is enthusiastic about the new game. Footbag or is under consideration for inclusion in the Olympic Games to be held in 1988. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 October 1984. The reporter is Alisdair Jackson.