A dispute over the introduction of roadside mailboxes by An Post continues in Killasser County Mayo.

Throughout rural Ireland, the home postal delivery service is being replaced by mailboxes at roadside delivery points. Over 12,000 roadside boxes have been erected, and in some areas have been accepted without too much fuss. 

However this is not the case in Killasser, County Mayo. In October 1987 An Post erected the new boxes at central locations, several hundred yards from five homes. According to Killasser resident Dan Barry the locations chosen by An Post are too far away from the individual houses.

He and other residents relocated the boxes to points nearer their homes. An Post refused to deliver to the boxes in their new locations. Since then residents have had to collect their mail from the local post office. 

A year and nine months without getting mail.

Killasser resident Maureen Armstrong says she and other residents did not agree to the boxes in the first place,

An Post say we agreed, we say we didn’t.

Martin Peyton chairman of an action committee is outraged over the apparent victimisation of the residents and urges the people of Killasser to rally behind the cause.

Dr Dermot McLoughlin says one of the families involved in the dispute has missed notifications regarding important medical clinics because she must walk two and a half miles to collect her mail from the post office.

An Post says it is reviewing the situation at Killaser but so far no decision has been taken on whether or not door to door deliveries will be resumed.

AN RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 September 1989. The reporter is Jim Fahy.