Emigration, the closure of schools, poor land and no electricity are some of the challenges facing those who are living in rural west Mayo.

The '7 Days' programme travelled to Ballycroy in Mayo an area where often the landscape provides only intermittent farming as a means to earn a living. Those who have not emigrated believe that the realities of living in this type of rural area are not recognised and the remaining population feels forgotten.

There is joy and celebration at a wedding in the church at Keenagh but the reality is that the young couple have come back to Ireland to be married but will then return to their new home in Coventry in England.

To provide education to the dwindling population three schools in the area have had to amalgamate into one. Children have to travel longer distances and the bus service will only collect pupils where eight can meet at a pick up point.  

The Kilroy family explain the difficulties of living in a rural area trying to get their daughter Mary to school and running a household without electricity.

This '7 Days' report was broadcast 4 November 1975. The reporter is John O'Donoghue.