Stage and Location Lighting Services design lighting for concerts, theatre, fashion shows, events and discos.

Andrew Leonard and Rupert Murray started Stage and Location Lighting Services Ltd. in 1978. With backgrounds in theatre, television and lighting design for fashion shows, they are now Ireland’s premier lighting company,

Providing lighting to small bands, small theatre companies, amateur drama to fashion shows, trade promotions, big rock concerts, rock tours.

Bernard Griffin joined them two years ago and has expanded the hire side of the company to the extent that most Irish bands working in Ireland now use their services. Stage and Location Lighting Services are committed to providing bands with as much help as possible,

It’s in our interest to look after the interests of these bands, specifically to identify bands that do have some chance of making it.

One of the positives in a business like this one is that no two days are ever the same. Bernard Griffin does admit that they have learned a lot, however, and have had to develop much more efficient business practices,

In an originally buoyant economy you can just wing it on a daily basis...We can’t really afford to make mistakes now.

Lighting for fashion shows is now a big part of their business. As the company grew they were able to invest in bigger, better and more sophisticated equipment, resulting in a myriad of options for lighting models on the catwalk. As Rupert Murray explains,

We like to inject a bit of energy...into the show, rather than just some music playing and the girls walking up and down.

Luciano’s nightclub in Drogheda is one example of the disco installations the company provide, where patrons can dance the night away and enjoy the latest lighting effects. Many English disco designers have their eye the Irish market, but Murray is adamant that Irish companies need to be as competitive as possible,

I feel that people’s jobs depend upon this.

On location at the Baggot Inn Stage and Location Lighting Services are setting up for Scullion. How did a company like this get so involved with bands and the music business in the first place? Starting small in 1978 Andrew Leonard explains they grew by degrees. These days they provide lighting for Irish bands such as Scullion, Clannad, Moving Hearts and Rory Gallagher, and rigs for small concerts and large music festivals.

A recent merger with another lighting company, Bergstrand Electric, means more interesting projects and even more growth,

We have much more resources at our disposal, to put better systems together, bigger rigs, more particular requirements.

This episode of ‘Jobsuss’ was broadcast on 6 August 1984. The presenter is Dave Fanning.

'Jobsuss' was a ten-part series on people newly involved in work areas such as community enterprise, small business and co-ops, or just simply working for themselves. ‘Jobsuss’ was presented by Dave Fanning and Susan Byrne. 'Jobsuss' was first broadcast on 1 February 1984 and was made by RTÉ in association with the Youth Employment Agency and AnCO (An Comhairle Oiliúna, Ireland’s national training council).